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"The Art of Investing & Portfolio Management,"
McGraw Hill, 2005

Foreword by Mark Markland, CFP & Rick Newman, Ph.D.


"The Art of Investing and Portfolio Management " outlines a six-step investment program that top pros have used for years to build--and protect--their clients' multimillion dollar portfolios

From March 2000 through October 2002, the plummeting stock market erased $7 trillion in investor wealth, or more than $30,000 for every adult in the U.S.! But investors would have lost much less had they known a bit more about the investments they owned and, even more important, the risks they were taking.

"The Art of Investing and Portfolio Management "outlines a smarter way to invest, one that has been honed and perfected by today's top institutional investment firms and can be tailored to fit an individual's investment style and budget. This straight-talking, market-tested program guides individuals to:

  • Construct a written investment plan that first assesses where they are and where they want to be, then determines the safest route for getting there
  • Understand and practice real asset allocation, not some ill-considered version that could cost money over the long run
  • Invest in suitable, quality assets and then leave them alone, selling or rebalancing only when the numbers dictate

Intelligent long-term management of investments requires that individuals, like the money management elite, minimize risk by investing with their head instead of their heart. "The Art of Investing and Portfolio Management" introduces individuals to the time-tested, professional money management approach that has for decades helped the rich get richer, and is now available for everyone.

"To truly become the most successful investor they can be, individuals must understand and consistently implement the very best strategies of the top investment minds. That's what this book outlines. This six-step investment process will help keep the individual investor from getting caught up in the emotions that accompany market extremes and that are fueled every day by media. Using these techniques, individuals will no longer be a victim to hype..."

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